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Title The Impact of Value Co-creation of Intellectual Capital on Student Sustainability Competencies with Sustainability Oriented Curriculum as Moderator

With the increased competition in higher education, the universities are looking for innovative ways to enhance the student sustainability competencies that could benefit the society. In this regard this research has proposed the value co-creation of intellectual capital for improving the student sustainability competencies. The independent variables of the study included human capital, structural capital and relational capital, and their individual impact was checked on the student sustainability competencies. The model also incorporated a moderator sustainability oriented curriculum, and its effect was checked on each relationship between each relationship. The research has validated the model through quantitative methodology. The students were the main respondent as it was intended to assess their competencies regarding the sustainability. A sample size of 384 students taken and a Five point Likert scale questionnaire was used to collect the data from the university students in Pakistan. For data analysis SEM-PLS was used. The empirical study validated the model and has also contributed to the literature and service dominant logic as the major theory for value co-creation in higher education sector. The study has also provided useful insights for the practitioners and future researchers. the practitioners can adapt the current learning activities for better sustainab9ity competencies. The study provides opportunity for future researchers to expand the findings from the service providers’ point of view i.e. the faculty and the university.
Keywords: Value Co-Creation, Intellectual Capital, Human Capital, Structural Capital, Relational Capital, Higher Education.

Pages 40-58
Volume 12
Issue 4
Part 1
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