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Title The Impact of Foreign Indirect Investment in the Primary Market, Evidence on Amman Stock Exchange

This research aimed at showing the independent variables was measured, i.e., the net foreign indirect investment, National deposits in Jordanian banks, Government general debt, Gross Domestic product, Money supply (M2) on the new issues of the companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange during the period covered by the research (2005-2016). This analysis is necessary to know the overall effect of all the independent variables on the dependent variable. The second stage consisted of testing the four hypotheses of the research using simple regression analysis. The financial data were collected through the official website of the Amman Stock Exchange and the reports issued by the Central Bank of Jordan. The study found that there was a significant statistical effect at (0.10) for all the independent study variables: net foreign direct investment, internal government debt, GDP and money supply (M2) on the new issues in the primary markets. The importance of this study is the first of its kind according to the researcher's knowledge, which focused on the impact of macroeconomic variables on new issues in the primary market on the Amman Stock Exchange. The results of this study are very important for the decision-makers in the Jordanian state to highlight the importance of each variable of the study on the expansion of existing projects, or investment in new projects because of these projects of importance in increasing economic growth and employment of economic resources stalled. Keywords: FDI, Primary, Market, Amman, Stock Exchange.

Pages 303-316
Volume 7
Issue 1
Part 3
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DOI/AUN 10.30543/7-1(2018)-28