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Title The Impact of Corporate Governance on Dividend Decisions: Evidence from Non-Financial Sector of Pakistan

This study sought to ascertain the impact of corporate governance on dividend decisions of non-financial firms listed on Pakistan stock exchange (PSX). Panel data was collected from 2011to 2016. Data was collected from Non financial firms annual reports and State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) data base. The STATA software was used to analyze the data. The study investigates the association of firm’s performance and corporate governance. Specifically, this study investigate dividend decision (dividend per share(DPS)), corporate governance (board independence ,board size, size of firm, leverage, profitability, Insider ownership, individual ownership, and institutional ownership). A total of 42 non-financial firms are used to determine this relationship. The results show a positive significant relation between the Profitability, individual ownership with DPS. This study also found a negative and significant relationship between insiders ownership, financial institution ownership with DPS. It has also been found that Board independence, board size, firm size and leverage have negative and insignificant relationship with dividend per share (DPS).
Keywords: Corporate Governance, Dividend Decisions, Dividend Policy.

Pages 285-295
Volume 10
Issue 1
Part 2
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DOI/AUN 10.30543/10-1(2021)-24