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Title The Impact of Consumer Ethnocentrism and Antecedents in an Emerging Market

In the era of globalization, consumers are being more exposed than ever before to varieties of foreign products from other countries. This leads to a substantial competition between international marketers to expand their business around the world. However, international marketers become more concerned to understand consumer attitudes toward foreign products before they make their market strategies. International marketing literature suggests that consumer ethnocentrism is an important factor in making the consumers adversely evaluate foreign products. This study aims to develop a model that can be used to assess the impact of consumer ethnocentrism and its antecedents on consumer purchase intention toward foreign products in an emergent market. All the hypotheses were developed based on the findings in the existing literature. Measures were adopted from prior researches. A self-administrated questionnaire was used via convenient and snowball-sampling techniques. Keywords: Ethnocentrism, Cultural openness, Conservatism, Idealism, Relativism, Saudi Arabia.

Pages 214-222
Volume 7
Issue 1
Part 3
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DOI/AUN 10.30543/7-1(2018)-20