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Title The Extent of the Jordanian Governmental Sectors Ability to Employ Job Seekers in Jordan

The current study aimed at investigating the ability to the Jordanian government to attract job seekers based on a set of variables which are (Decision making skills, Engagement with private sector, Make Services More Citizens Centered, Improved Procurement Strategies, and Develop Core Competences). The study employed the quantitative approach in reaching the hypotheses of the study, questionnaire was the used to collect the data from (51) employee and official within the Jordanian government, employment department. The result of the study indicated that the Jordanian government is following recruitment strategies for employees which is based on the well-built set of plans and approaches that can help the government be more focused on its needs rather than the end results. In addition to that, it appeared that the governmental citizen-centered services have helped in giving the government a better image compared to the previous plans which also contributed in focusing more on the skills and talents in attracting job seekers. The study however recommended; Developing training and development activities based on the use of the best modern practices related to identifying the government's training needs and developing the required training plans; also,Measuring the impact of the implementation of the training and development system on individual and institutional performance. Keywords: Government, Public, Employee, Jordan.

Pages 223-236
Volume 7
Issue 1
Part 3
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DOI/AUN 10.30543/7-1(2018)-21