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Title Pricing the Green Path: Unveiling the role of Price Sensitivity as a Moderator in Environmental Attitude and Green Purchase Intentions

A global epidemic has transformed the concept of indiscriminate consumerism into environmentally conscious consumption, with buyers reshaping their perceptual systems. Culturally accountable spending refers to how consumers feel, view, experience, and behave in ways that are environmentally conscious and acceptable to society. In light of the importance of environmentally friendly utilization, the primary goal of the current research is to investigate the relationship between environmental attitude (EA) and green purchasing intentions (GPI), with the function of price sensitivity (PS) as a moderator. Amos was used to examine the structural connection between EA and GPI using structural equation modeling (SEM). According to the results, consumer EA has a strong beneficial influence on GPI. Furthermore, PS modifies the association between EA and GPI. This study is an extension of the theory of planned behavior, which assists in understanding the perceptual processes in the human mind about the use of environmentally friendly items. Price sensitivity as a moderating factor showed consumers' intellectual responses to price disparities in ecologically friendly goods. first, it adds to the general literature on green marketing and corporate sustainability problems by improving academics' awareness of the distinctive significance of consumers' attitudes towards the environment and green purchasing intents. Second, this research looks at the effect of PS as a moderator of consumer EA and GPI. The policy consequence of this research is to increase policymakers' awareness of sustainable consumption so that they may design price mechanisms that are consistent with consumer’s sustainable attitudes.
Keywords: Environmental Attitudes, Price Sensitivity, Green Purchase Intentions.

Pages 1-11
Volume 12
Issue 4
Part 1
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