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Title Need for Talent Management and Investigating Its Impact on Organizational Performance of Higher Education Institutes

Human resources’ is one of the pivot elements in business enterprises to achieve set goals and objectives of new millennium. Competent and skilled workforce have to be permanent stakeholders of a corporation where they use acquired knowledge and gained skills to achieve set milestones in particular industry. Talent management is the task of attracting, acquiring, developing and retaining skilled workforce to achieve desired goals of corporation. The main objective of this research study is to explore the need for talent management and investigating its impact on the organizational performance of higher education institutes. Three factors of talent management are taken into consideration; talent attraction, talent development and talent retention. Using simple random sampling method, one hundred questionnaires were distributed to academic and administrative heads of three public sector universities in jamshoro city. Data is analyzed using cronbach’s alpha, Mean and standard deviation, regression analysis and one sample t test. After analyzing observed data results show positive and significant effect of all three factors of talent management i-e talent attraction, talent development and talent retention on the organizational performance of higher education institutes. It is concluded that talent management is integrated part of better performance and key factor in achieving standards of excellence in higher education institutes. Practicing and implementing talent management will upgrade ranking of institutes at national and international level. Furthermore higher education institutes will show impetus for continuous improvement in imparting quality education to the masses. Faculty and administrative staff of higher education institutes will have opportunity to develop their careers and top management will surely retain skilled employees and have opportunity to grow at par excellence.
Keywords: Talent Management, Organizational Performance, Higher Education Institutes.

Pages 168-182
Volume 10
Issue 1
Part 1
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DOI/AUN 10.30543/10-1(2021)-13