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Title Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies Influence on Prescribing Behavior of Health Care Professionals in Karachi

The study examines the influence of multi-channel marketing strategies on the prescription behavior of healthcare professionals in Karachi along with fear of Covid-19 as a moderating variable. The study followed a deductive research design and employed a convenient sampling technique to collect data. In total 307 respondents from the pharmaceutical industry along with doctors were approached through different online platforms to fill out the questionnaire. The Cronbach's alpha was calculated which was over 0.70 so the results were found to be within the range of good to exceptional reliability. Outer loadings reflect item reliability finalized with loadings between 0.70 & and 0.80. and AVE less than 0.50 which clearly describes the relationship between the latent variables and their measures. The SRMR in our study was 0.092, which is less than 0.10, demonstrating that our model works effectively. Findings confirmed our first hypothesis (H1), face-to-face interaction positively influences the prescribing behavior of health care professionals. The second hypothesis (H2) is virtual interaction positively influences the prescribing behavior of health care professionals. These findings confirmed the fourth hypothesis (H4) which is fear of COVID-19 influence on the virtual and prescribing behavior of healthcare professionals as fear of COVID-19 has no significant influence on the face-to-face and prescribing behavior of healthcare professionals. The finding can be of great help to the pharmaceutical sector in designing and improving their multichannel marketing strategies and creating a sustainable competitive advantage over others.
Keywords: Face to Face, Virtual Interactions, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Prescription Behavior, Marketing Strategies. Multi-Channel Marketing.

Pages 23-39
Volume 12
Issue 4
Part 1
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