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Title Mapping Compulsive Buying Behavior of M-commerce Consumers in Pakistan

In the last decade, emergence of different technological platforms have drastically influenced and altered societies across the globe. Social commerce or S-commerce which is an off shoot of e-commerce has become part of everyday life among consumers. Mobile commerce also known as m-commerce is a major contributor towards S-commerce. The current research intends to investigate the compulsive buying behavior and conspicuous online consumption frameworks in the context of m-commerce. This study is targets the trends of m commerce within the context of developing country like Pakistan. The current research aims at highlighting how the antecedents involved in the frameworks of compulsive buying behavior and conspicuous online consumption translate into behaviors in the context of m-commerce. The significance of the study can be judged from the fact that, it will help contribute towards to body of knowledge concerning modern social consumptions patterns of the consumers triggered by the m-commerce applications. The research utilizes the lens of the social impact theory with peers and m-commerce, based on the SOR model. The selected population for undertaking the study comprised of consumers who consume different products (i.e. apparel, gadgets, cosmetics and jewelry etc.). This study has diverse theoretical and managerial contribution in the field of consumer behavior. As the results of this study also validated the SOR model and as well as social impact theory in the context of the m-commerce. Secondly, this study taken participation and desire for self-promotion as an organism. And participation was directly inclined by the familiarity and closeness.
Keywords: S-commerce, Compulsive Buying Behavior, Conspicuous Online Consumption, Social Impact Theory, SOR Model.

Pages 119-134
Volume 10
Issue 1
Part 1
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DOI/AUN 10.30543/10-1(2021)-10