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Title Knowledge Management in A Changing Society

This article had as reference to knowledge management in a society in constant transformation. It was necessary to understand that we live in a world that turns every second and that knowledge management becomes essential and strategic for the advancement and transformation of any society. An example of this was that the Brazil lived years over judge of International Monetary Fund (IMF) suffering from rampant inflation and its evolution and learning in this area, or better, your economic knowledge made him a country strong enough to withstand changes and global economic crises and even be able to find your way to the stabilization of its currency. Another phenomenon well and scathing too, we can cite as an example, was the advancement of knowledge in the field of information technology where the first personal and office computers, in this scenario, brilliant minds present themselves, such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Several are the transformations that have occurred in society caused by permanent acting and evolution of knowledge and its management is needed mostly in this new era, i.e. the era of communication, information and knowledge. Key Words: Management, Knowledge, Strategy, Transformation and Society.

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Issue 3
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