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Title Identifying the determinants of ICT success in Tunisian Companies Using the Resource-Based View

Although the Solow Paradox appears to have been exceeded, neither the effective contribution of ICT to improve performance, nor the factors of their efficient use, are not yet clearly established. This research aims to highlight the moderating role played by the organizational mechanisms in the genesis of performance through the use of ICT. The conceptual model mobilizing the Resource-Based View and the strategic alignment theory was tested on 113 Tunisian firms that have invested in ICT. The hypothesis testing using the Partial Least Square (PLS) method has demonstrated the important role of the innovativeness of employees and managers. On the other hand, neither the ICT strategic alignment, nor the organizational adaptability, did prove to be significant throughout this research. Key Words: Resource-Based View (RBV), ICT Use, Strategic Alignment, Performance, Productivity Paradox.

Pages 36-47
Volume 5
Issue 1
Part 1
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