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Title Compiling Strategies and Determining Strategic Situation of Acquiring the Hosting and Holding the Great International Sport Events in Iran

The purpose of this article is to compile strategies and to determine strategic situation of acquiring the hosting and holding the great international sport events in Iran. According to the objective and data collection method, this article is of applied type and descriptive-analytic respectively. The universe includes 230 sport management professors, higher executive managers and technicians of the country sport scope. The article done in both quantitative and qualitative parts. In qualitative part, the samples were 25 through purposeful sampling method. In quantitative part, they were 141 selected randomly by means of Morgan table. Based on data measurement tools ? studying book, articles and theses, holding purposeful interview and counseling sessions, studying opinions of sport management experts and higher executive sport technicians of the country?the information provided into two technical parts. First part is personal information including 5 questions measuring the participants personal traits (gender, age, education, job experience and position). The second part is a researcher-made questionnaire to identify strong points, weak points, opportunities and threats (SWOT) for hosting and holding the great international sport events in Iran. The final SWOT list includes 7 strong points, 16 weak points, 9 opportunities and 9 threats identified and prioritized through confirmatory factor analysis, Bartlett and KMO tests. The questionnaire validity confirmed by 20 sport management professors and the reliability (0.78) obtained through Cronbachs alpha test. The results proved that tourism attractions with 0.821factor load considered as major strong points and weak sport marketing in the country with 0.926 factor load considered as the biggest weak point in this part from the spectators viewpoint. Strategic and geopolitical position of Iran in the critical region of Middle East with 0.932 factor load is the most important item in opportunity part and existence of powerful competitors for hosting the sport events in the region and world level with 0.891 load factor is the most important item threatens hosting and holding the great international sport events in the country. Moreover, the results proved that Iran is in critical situation for hosting the events from the viewpoints of internal or external factors. Beside internal weak points, the country faced with several major external threatens that put it in the worst (WT) position in the SWOT matrix. Key Words: SWOT, Strategy, Hosting, Sport Event, Strategic Situation.

Pages 894-906
Volume 3
Issue 2
Part 3
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