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Title A Framework and Tools for Indigenous Knowledge Human Capital Measurement in a Young Generation

Indigenous knowledge-indigenous vegetable knowledge is fragile to lose with several reasons, but it pays important roles in food and income earning for local. Human capital (HC) measurement would be a part of human capital processes to determine the level of HC. This study aims to propose an indigenous knowledge human capital measurement framework and tools to monitor the HC in young generation. The framework for indigenous knowledge human capital measurement is different from frameworks used to measure HC under organizational and human resource department contexts. The framework comprises four elements to be measured—formal HC (HC processes and learning resources), tacit HC (knowledge, skills and experience), behavior HC and values of HC (attitudes to the purposes and benefits of the HC). The framework was transferred into tools for measuring. There were two questionnaires to use with elementary students and their parents. The in-depth interview session will be used to evaluate the values of HC with the students, and a learning resource checking list to evaluate a part of formal HC. The study has been conducted with design science research in order to design the framework and tools, and to evaluate the tools. The questionnaires were evaluated with reliability test by using Cronbach’ alpha coefficient with the results at 0.3 to 0.97. The study was taken place with the elementary school students at Yangdaeng School in Sanamchaikate district, Chacheonsao province in eastern region of Thailand, their parents and their teachers. Key Words: Human Capital, Human Capital Measurement, Indigenous Knowledge, Young Generation.

Pages 106-116
Volume 5
Issue 1
Part 1
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