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Title Exploring the Relationship Between Work-Family Enrichment and Constructive Deviance: Applying Social Exchange Theory (SET)

This research study examined the relationship between work-family enrichment and constructive deviance. It is one of the few empirical studies which test whether individuals indulge in constructive deviance as an outcome of work-family enrichment. Additionally, researchers have investigated if the hypothesized relationship is mediated by felt obligation. Data were collected from 197 respondents employed at educational institutes in the United Arab Emirates. The analysis revealed a direct and positive relationship between work-family enrichment and constructive deviance. A partial mediation by felt obligation indicates that when employees experience that they are able to balance their work and family roles effectively, they reciprocate by indulging in behaviors which are beneficial for the organization. This mechanism is explained through the mediating role by felt obligation. Using a structural equation model study hypotheses were tested. Partial mediation by felt obligation was established based upon model fit indices and indirect path results. Findings of this study are unique as it attempts to unravel the underlying mechanism of how to work-family enrichment results in constructive deviance. This paper is a significant contribution to existing literature and extends further the conceptual knowledge of the constructs. This research offers valuable insight for organizations which is helpful in identifying and promoting positive behaviors among its employees.
Keywords: Work-Family Enrichment (WFE), Constructive Deviance (CD), Social Exchange Theory (SET), Felt Obligation (FE).

Pages 219-228
Volume 8
Issue 2
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/8-2(2019)-9