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Title The Roles of Saudis Human Resources Management as Strategic Business Partner: Toward Accomplishing the Saudis 2030 Vision

The general objective of this article was to identify factors that influence effective strategic planning process in Saudi Arabia organizations. It examined carefully the critical factors that influence strategic planning in Saudi Arabia and why organizations must plan for the future to remain relevant in the new Saudi business environment. This will be accomplished by aligning the organization strategic plan with the 2030 Saudi vision and mission. The article explores the connection between Saudi strategic plans with organization structure, organizational culture, leadership and human resources in Saudi Arabia. This paper specifically analyses the factors that influence strategic planning in Saudi Arabia and recommendations that can be employed in order to have a fruitful implementation of strategic planning in the organizations in Saudi Arabia. The recommendations will also address the gaps that have been identified in this paper.
Keywords: 2030 Saudi Vision, Saudi Strategic Planning, Saudis Organization Structure, Saudis Organizational Culture, Saudis Human Resource.

Pages 210-218
Volume 8
Issue 2
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/8-2(2019)-8