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Title Research on Consumers Brand Loyalty towards Paint Products in Vietnam

Recent years in Vietnam, the race in the paint market between domestic products and imported products is always stressful. This study aimed on learning the components that have an impact on the consumption of paint commodity in Viet Nam. These are the concern level of consumers, functional value of products, social value of products, price matching and the brand belief of consumers, customer satisfaction and customer commitment. Besides, few studies that explore the attitude, trend, complaint behaviors, and rejection competitors’ products of the consuming paints in Viet Nam and all of the hypotheses were analyzed by confirmatory factor analysis in LISREL 8.8. Finally, the final results show that half of the hypotheses are rejected but the elevated value of research is to supply a research process that can be applied to other specific merchandise.
Keywords: Paint products, Paint-Printing Ink Industry, Brand Loyalty, Consumer, Viet Nam, LISREL.

Pages 198-209
Volume 8
Issue 2
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/8-2(2019)-7