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Title The Financial Impact of Revising Pakistans Gasoline Specification from 87 to 92 Research Octane Number

Petrol is a component having high energy of combustion. The product is produced from naphtha a raw  material to produce gasoline, Industrial Technologies Program (2006). In terms of PSQCA (Pakistan standard of quality control authority) it is known as Premium (unleaded) Motor Gasoline (PMG). The product is use in electricity generators, two wheelers, three wheelers (auto rickshaw), motor cars and heavy vehicles all around the country. The vehicular contribution for consumption of petrol is analysed by analysts where they believe that “the share of motorbikes (two wheelers) in the overall consumption of petrol in the country is over 55 per cent”, Aamir Shafaat Khan (2017). The specification for research octane number (RON) of gasoline was revised from 87 RON to 92 RON during financial year 2016-17. For being a major consumer of total gasoline sale, the study is carried out to find the economical impact of consuming 92 RON gasolines instead of 87 RON in two wheelers & three wheelers.
Keywords: Petrol, Prices, Octane Number, Impact.

Pages 192-197
Volume 8
Issue 2
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/8-2(2019)-6