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Title A Study on Customer Satisfaction in FMCG Sector with Select Hypermarkets in Riyadh City Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A study on Customer Satisfaction in the FMCG sector with select Hypermarkets in Riyadh city was conducted with primary research. Customers and consumers have always perceived the level of satisfaction in FMCG in retail sectors; this study covers attributes of satisfaction related to Service quality, pricing policies, location, and Physical facilities. Under this study, a survey was conducted with a selection of four big supermarkets in the Riyadh region. The first objective of this research to understand the factors of customer satisfaction in the FMCG sector. This study is an attempt to analyse what the influencing factors on customer satisfaction are. The second objective of this research is to analyse which factors are affecting customer satisfaction. In order to achieve strong results methodology adopted from the secondary and primary source, and the primary source of information has been collected from the sample respondents with the help of a structured questionnaire. For this, data were collected by taking 128 sample respondents. The study has certain limitations i-The present study of customer satisfaction on FMCG sectors with select hypermarkets in Riyadh region with 128 respondents only. ii- The research has done in the FMCG retail sector & data was gathered from four different select FMCG retail companies in Riyadh city. After analysis, this study concludes that excellent products & services, they need to attain a high level of customer’s satisfaction. In a practically identify the poor product quality and services, as well as poor physical facilities, connect to poor customer satisfaction, in order to reach competitive advantage in FMCG retail sector customer satisfaction is highest acceptable and need continuous improvement.
Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Service Quality, Service Facility, FMCG.

Pages 170-178
Volume 8
Issue 2
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/8-2(2019)-3