Year 2018 , Volume  7, Issue 2, Part 3
1The Strategic Effectiveness of Accounting Information Systems in Achieving Security in Light of Electronic Commerce: A Case Study of Jordanian Banks
Pages: 533-541
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The aim of this study was to identify the strategic effectiveness of accounting information systems in achieving security in the light of electronic commerce. The analytical descriptive method was used to select a simple random sample of (25%) of the total population of the study. The sample consisted of 309 respondents to the questionnaire which was used as a data collection tool. Three hundred questionnaires were valid for analysis. Nine questionnaires were rejected for failure to meet the requirements. The percentage of questionnaires recovered was valid for analysis by 97%, which is acceptable for achieving the objectives of the study. After conducting the statistical analysis, the study reached a number of results, the most prominent of which were: The level of strategic efficiency of accounting information systems in Jordanian commercial banks was medium, the problems that arise through the application of accounting information systems in Jordanian commercial banks were medium, And that the degree of personal practice of e-commerce in Jordanian commercial banks was medium. The study also found a statistically significant relationship at the level of significance (α = 0.05) for the strategic effectiveness of accounting information systems and achieving security in the light of electronic commerce. The study mentioned several recommendations, the most important of which was the need to activate the accounting information systems in various commercial banks in order to be able to practice control on these banks, manage to protect the customers' property and develop the work in these banks. Keywords: Strategic Effectiveness, Accounting Information Systems, Electronic Commerce, Reliability, Security.
2The Impact of Advertising Campaigns on the Selection of Candidates for Election
Pages: 542-555
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The objective of this study is to identify the impact of advertising campaigns on the selection of candidate for election. An analytical descriptive style was used to achieve this goal. A questionnaire was designed as a tool to collect data. There were (32) questions in the questionnaire. The returned were (568) valid copies of the questionnaire, for a response rate of 87.38 %. The sample is derived from the population. A proper sample of (650) voters received the questionnaire. The study results indicate impact existence for advertisement campaigns on voters' elections for the electoral candidate. The study found that is advertisement campaigns through Television came in the first degree in impact on electing electoral candidate, with an average (4.470) which is greater than the average of the measurement unit (3) and the value of test-t (62.055) which is greater than the tabular value (1.96), and the value of Sig. is (0.0) which is less than (0.05). This indicates that there is an impact of advertising campaigns through Television on the choice of the electoral candidate. Keywords: Advertising Campaigns, Candidate, Election, Television, Facebook.
3Relationship between Marital Stress and Employees Job Satisfaction in Hotels of Lagos Metropolis
Pages: 556-564
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A number of studies have been done on work related stress factors in association with job satisfaction. However, there is dearth of studies on marital stress, which is a non-work related stress. This study therefore examines possible relationships between marital stress and employees’ job satisfaction. A cross-sectional survey utilizing an ex-post facto design was adopted in which purposive sampling technique was used for the selection of 220 hotel employees consisting of 113 (51%) male and 107 (49%) female. Participants completed structured psychological scales which are Marital Stress Inventory and Job Satisfaction Survey. Data was analysed using statistical methods of Pearson correlation and t-test for independent samples. There existed significant relationship between marital stress and job satisfaction. The result further showed that employees with live-in relatives experienced significantly higher job satisfaction than those who do not have live-in relatives. This study suggested the importance of the interface between work life domain and non-work life domain of the employees. Keywords: Job Attitude, Stress, Work Life Domain, Non-work Life Domain, Hotel.
4Exploring the Different Motives of Blogging Behavior: Do Gender and Marital Status Impact These?
Pages: 565-575
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The exploratory study examines the motives behind the usage of blogging activity in different domains and the impact of demographic factors like gender and marital status on its usage. A questionnaire was used to collect the primary data from the respondents. Data was collected from two hundred and fifty-two respondents residing in and around Bengaluru, Chennai and Jaipur in India. The collected data was analyzed with the help of statistical tools. The study revealed that blogging provided a platform to share information and views as the respondents revealed that blogging helps them to give opinions, share thoughts and feelings, display creativity, help and inspire others. Blogging helped self-improvements/ self-development by providing, hair tips, health tips, cooking tips. Blogging as a source of information helped to make better destination choices before travelling, get reviews and feedback of car rental services, on hotels before making travel plans, availability of different organic foods and their benefits. Blogging also provided up-to-date national news, international news, regional news and technical information regarding different gadgets. Significant differences were noticed among the male and female respondents in nine out of the thirty- four variables on which the test was applied and among married and single respondents, significant differences were noticed in three out of the thirty-four variables on which the test was applied. The research has explored motives for blogging in different domains which would provide ample opportunities to business entities and their marketing teams to design their marketing strategies more specifically to ensure that they can not only keep track of their customers and retain them but also try and acquire new customers. Keywords: Blogging, Motive, Gender, Marital Status.
5The Impact of Public Sector Expenditure on the Development of the Nigerian Capital Market
Pages: 576-586
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This study was carried out to examine the effect of public sector expenditure on the development of the Nigerian capital market, through an empirical examination of the transmission of capital, recurrent and total public sector expenditure on market capitalization and value of transactions. Secondary data were extracted, tabulated and analysed using the ordinary least square of multiple regression technique. The study found that capital expenditure, recurrent expenditure and total government expenditure had significant relationship with market capitalization, and total value of transaction. The study recommended, among others, that government should take steps to strengthen the capital market and enhance public confidence in its operation so that beneficiaries of public sector spending can channel some of this into transactions in the capital market. The study suggested that government can use public sector expenditure as a tool to improve the performance of the capital market in Nigeria, by re-engineering public perception of the investment valence of the capital market. Keywords: Capital Expenditure, Recurrent Expenditure, Market Capitalization, Market Development.
6Relationship between Stakeholders Perceptions of Project Success and Project Planning
Pages: 587-599
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Contemporary project management is one of the most common and fundamental ways of creating change within a firm that would ensure high levels of organizational success. Projects undergo various stages such as: initiating, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling to deliver the desired outcome. In prior studies, project success and failure are associated with stakeholders’ expectations - how stakeholders value project results and relate them to project team success. But the relationship is unclear. For the project to succeed, it is important to understand that stakeholders have different expectations in relation to the project. Thus, project success and failure are strongly influenced by how well the management meets stakeholders’ expectations and their perceptions influenced by the strength and willingness of the project manager to work closely and effectively with the project stakeholders to manage cartels and organizational politics. This research paper utilizes both descriptive statistics and regression analysis to understand and investigate the relationship between stakeholders’ perceptions on project success and project planning. With a regression coefficient of 0.631 and a coefficient of determination of 0.314, there exists a statistically significant relationship between the project planning and the stakeholder’s perception on the project success. Keywords: Project Management, Project Planning, Stakeholder Management, Project Success, Project Performance, Team Collaboration.
7Investigating the Effect of Human Resources Management (HRM) on Organizational Success Considering the Moderating Role of Work Ethics in Public Organizations of Shiraz City
Pages: 600-607
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In the era of rapid changes, the role of government, citizens, and organizational is changing increasingly voluntarily or under pressure, especially public and private organizations and management systems. Following government changes, citizens do not play merely receiver role, but they play more active and participatory role. The challenges that developing countries are faced with them in management are more risk challenges than those in industrial countries. Strategic planning and management is at the core of implementing and realizing the developmental goals of the country. In Iran, the key for designing and implementing the desired development and management plans is development and management of human resources. To face with globalization challenges, managers should be effective and have high quality. This study was conducted to examine the impact of human resources management on organizational success considering the moderating role of work ethics in public organizations in Shiraz. This research is survey and causal type of study. The population of study included all 2500 staff in the city of Shiraz. Based on Morgan table, 333 of them were selected as sample of study and to ensure the return of the questionnaires, 350 subjects were selected using stratified random sampling method. Data were analyzed using PLS software and structural equations. The results showed that 6 hypotheses of study were confirmed, but the staff service compensation system had no significant impact on success of the project, selection and recruitment of staff had no significant impact success of the project considering the moderating role of work ethics, and evaluation of staff performance had no significant impact on the success of the project considering the moderating role of work ethics. Therefore, human resources management has no significant impact on organizational success considering the moderating role of work ethics in public organizations of Shiraz city. Keywords: Human Resources Management, Organizational Success, Organizational Performance, Work Ethics.
8Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management on Human Resource Management Effectiveness and Organizational Performance in Social Security organization of Shiraz City
Pages: 608-614
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Since today human resources are the most valuable production factor and the most important asset of any organization and become increasingly important as a source of competitive advantage as well as create capabilities of any organization, human resources are important part of planning for any organization. To develop planning to meet the needs of skills, education and ultimately human resource development is an important factor for the existence of human resource planning. The most effective way to achieve a competitive advantage in the current conditions is to increase efficiency among employees in organizations by improving and optimizing them and the important point in the development of human resources is that the improvement of human resources not only can be achieved with technical training and expertise, but also staff development needs to be done using multiple ways and it will not be feasible except by applying the strategic management in human resources management realm. This study used descriptive and causal survey. The population is included all employees of Social Security Organization in Shiraz (n= 350). According to Morgan table, the sample size was calculated 183 employees; in order to ensure the return of the questionnaires, 300 questionnaires were distributed randomly among employees. The survey instrument used was a questionnaire; the reliability and the validity of the questionnaire were confirmed using Cronbach alpha and content analysis. To analyze data, multiple regression analysis was used by SPSS software. The results show that the strategic management of human resources has a significant impact on the effectiveness of human resource management and performance of the organization and functioning of social security in the city of Shiraz. Keywords: Strategic Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management Effectiveness, Performance.
9Does Corporate Governance Reduce Agency Costs in the Jordanian Industrial Companies?
Pages: 615-625
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The study aims to measure the impact of corporate governance on reducing the agency costs in the Jordanian industrial public shareholding companies listed at Amman stock exchange, and to achieve this goal, the researchers studied the impact of corporate governance mechanism factors on reducing the agency costs, which can be represented in (Board size, institutional ownership, audit committee, debts ratio, dividends ratio, return on assets (ROA), and firm size). Agency costs were measured by using the following indicators: assets turnover ratio and operating expenses percentage. The study sample consisted of all industrial companies listed in Amman stock exchange, which have data available in this market during the period (2014-2016), and amount to 46 companies. The relationship between the corporate governance and agency costs was tested by relying on the generalized estimating equations (GEE) model, which align with the time period and study variables to test the study hypotheses. Study found a statistically significant positive relationship between the non-distribution of company profits and the agency costs represented in the variable (operating expenses ratio) in both cases of existence and non-existence of control variables in the study model. The results also showed that whenever control variables exist in the study model, there is a statistically significant positive relationship between ROA and the agency costs represented in the (asset turnover ratio) variable. Keywords: Agency Costs, Amman Stock Exchange (ASE), Corporate Governance, Jordanian Industrial Companies, Generalized Estimating Equations (GEE) Model.
10Forecasting Accurate Cost Estimate at Completion Using Earned Value Management Along with 6 Sigma Method for Running Projects
Pages: 626-632
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research concept and aim were to help the running projects sponsors & managers to predict the future expenses and the total cost at completion of the project during early stage of project execution. The research was applied in Construction Management System ‘CMS’ software application which belongs to Intellectual Property Rights no. 711/2017 form United Arab of Emirates. The research based on creation of new equations & relations between Earned Value Management, 6 Sigma & projects contractual penalties. And the results were calculated based on a case study for a construction project. Keywords: Forecast, Estimate Cost, Earned Value, Project management & Expenses at Completion.