Year 2015 , Volume  4, Issue 3, Part 2
1Training and Development and its Impact on the Employees Performance A Study of Agility Company-Kingdom of Bahrain
Pages: 700-712
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Training and on the Job training, the focus of the study is to show the effect of training and development on the employees performance in the Logistic sector in Bahrain. Agility Company, Kingdom of Bahrain was chosen to apply the study on. Questionnaire developed to see the effect of training and development on the organization in one of the Bahraini companies. The aim of the paper was the knowledge of the impact of the training on the performance and to become aware of extent of the importance of training on the employee's performance and the extent of training impact on achieving the company's goals. There is a direct positive relationship between training and the improvement of the performance. The analysis of the questionnaire shows that training and development program have a great effect on the organization performance. The results were positive and show that the training and development is very important for the organization to increase its performance in all manners. We proved empirical data as well. However, results are strongly based on the literature review. Finally, the paper recommends that the company and its top management must pay more attention to adopt clear training strategies inspired from the company’s overall strategy, as well as the need for diversification of training programs for its members, the use of different training methods and also the need to focus on the use of modern technology as a base for the application of training programs in order to improve its employees’ performance. Key Words: Training and Development, Job Training, Organization Performance.
2The Effect of Electronic Government on the Administrative Corruption of Employees with an Emphasis on Administrative Violations (Case Study: A State University)
Pages: 713-730
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The issue of ‘Administrative Corruption’ is one of the main problems of human society that all countries are infected with. Education as a vulnerable point is against the corruption. Transparency is the main enemy of corruption, therefore, any factor that increases transparency, can prevent corruption. E-Government is one of the factors of transparency. The aim of present study is to evaluate the effect of the establishment of e-government on dimension of administrative corruption in a state university from students' perspective. According to investigation of administrative violations law, six dimensions of corruption were identified. Statistical population of the present study includes all students of a state university. The statistical sample of the study consisted of 196 participants and 196 acceptable questionnaires were used to analyze the research hypotheses. Structural equation modeling was used to analyze the data collected. The results shows that establishment of e-government in the state university have a significant negative impact on dimensions of inappropriate business behavior, violations of relevant laws and regulations, hypothyroidism and erroneous caused by negligence. Also, the significant effect of establishment of e-government on the development of customer’s dissatisfaction, discrimination and abuse were rejected. Key Words: E-government, Corruption, State University.
3Leader-Member Exchange and Academic Job Performance in the Iraqi Technical Colleges and institutes: The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction
Pages: 731-742
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The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between leader-member exchange and academic job performance in the Iraqi technical colleges and institutes and evaluate the mediation effect of job satisfaction on the relationship between leader-member exchange and academic job performance. This study adopted a quantitative approach using survey instruments. From the population of academic staff working in 18 Iraqi technical colleges and institutes, a total of 750 questionnaires were distributed. The total number of usable questionnaires was 419. Structural equation modeling (SEM) was used to test the mediating effect of job satisfaction on the relationships between leader-member exchange and academic job performance. The results revealed that job satisfaction partially mediated the relationship between leader-member exchange and academic job performance. Key Words: Technical Colleges and Institutes, Leader-Member Exchange, Academic Job Performance, Job Satisfaction.
4The OTAs Websites: The Opinion Of Generation Y Leads to Organizational Change
Pages: 743-757
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OTA (Online Travel Agencies) are companies raising revenue from online sales of tourism products - thus their websites are important marketing and sales infrastructure platforms. The goal of the paper was to highlight the characteristics of websites that are more important when buying travel products and to draw attention to common web marketing mistakes of OTAs according to generation Y. The purpose was to highlight the characteristics of websites which are more important when buying travel products and to draw attention to common web marketing mistakes of OTAs according to Generation Y. Authors further suggest process oriented organization as a response in facilitating improved business performance. Key Words: Buying Behavior Online, Process Oriented Organization, Travel Agencies, Millennium Generation, Digital Generation.
5The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on the Competitiveness: Evidence of Manufacturing SMEs in Aguascalientes, Mexico
Pages: 758-770
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The adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) plays a key role in developing business strategies that enable businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), improving their competitiveness in a globalized, changing and competitive market, as the one they face today. That is why this empirical research of explanatory type was aim to analyze the impact of ICT on the competitiveness of manufacturing SMEs of the state of Aguascalientes, México. Firstly, the scales to measure the use of ICTs and competitiveness were identified, then they were subjected to a Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) through the method of maximum likelihood, which have both reliability and validity. Information obtained from 200 manufacturing SMEs was treated statistically through the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), and the tested hypotheses results allow us to infer that ICTs impact positively and significantly on the financial performance, the costs reduction, the use of technology and on the competitiveness of these kinds of businesses. Key Words: ICTs, Financial Performance, Costs Reduction, Technology Use, Competitiveness, SEM.
6The Mediating Role of Interactional Justice on Psychological Stress with Psychological Well-Being in the Jordanian Qualified Industrial Zones
Pages: 771-781
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This study investigated whether interactional justice mediated the relationship between psychological stress and psychological well-being among local employees in the Jordanian Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ) in Jordan. Data was collected using questionnaire from a sample of 494 local employees from various QIZ in Jorda. Using SPSS and AMOS, the findings show that interactional justice mediates the relationship between psychological stress and psychological well-being. The research contributes to the body of knowledge and supports the role of interactional justice in addressing psychological stress to enhance psychological well-being of employees. Key Words: Interactional Justice, Psychological Stress, Psychological Well-Being, Jordanian Qualified Industrial Zones.
7Resource and Knowledge Transference Through Networks, Significant Assets for Rural Mexican Microenterprises
Pages: 782-800
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Organizations interact with different actors, some are part of the endeavor and others form part of the external environment and form networks with providers, consumers, political and social actors that give a meaning to their existance, and allow them to optimize resources, and take advantage of the knowledge and resources that are transferred from other partners within the network. This type of interaction allows rural enterprises to have distinct orientations of their productive actions and the ways in which they seek economic support with institutions and also guidance on how to commercialize their stock. The purpose of this research was to determine how social networks can contribute to the development of rural enterprises and their function as a key to obtaining different types of resources, as well as the reflection of this type of structure on the growth and permanence of these enterprises in Mexico. Results indicate that the first network is developed by family members and friends: knowledge is usually transferred from generation to generation, or among friends. Also, through professional networks technological, administrative, and marketing knowledge is transmitted, while contacts with other entrepreneurs, participation in trade fairs, knowledge exchange and access to new markets is attained while forming part of an institutional network. Universities share technical, specialized and management knowledge, among others. Government institutions also support entrepreneurs with financial resources, and Internet has become an intermediary for commercializing products. Key Words: Knowledge, Networks, Value Chain, Social Capital, Trust, Strategy.
8Training and Development Practices at National Highway Authority in Pakistan is Myth or Reality
Pages: 801-814
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Trained and skilled employees play a pivotal role in the sustainable development of any firm. This research is focusing training and development practices at NHA. To objectively analyze the potential capability of the existing human resource of the firm, a mixed-modular approach has been adopted. Extant barriers and stringent policies of the company have been analyzed through questionnaires to quantitatively gauge the issues and qualitative analysis was investigated by extensive literature review. Based on a sample of NHA employees, we find that firm performance is positively related to the degree of training provided to their employees, while existing practices of the firm has reduces the positive effect of training and development on the firm performance. Key Words: Mixed-Modular, Extant Barriers, Stringent.
9Evaluating Management Functions and Actuation Human Resources in Auditing Organization of Iran and the Relation It With A Personality Characteristics of the Managers
Pages: 815-822
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Human resources are the most important asset of the enterprise especially Audit Organization that effective management plays a key role in its success. Attracting and Staffing Process management of human resources is one of the processes of human resources management which is discussed in three main components: Human Resources planning, recruitment and Selection of Human Resources. With regard to the relationships between attracting and staffing process management with personality characteristics of managers, the current research done with the aim of evaluate functions of attracting and staffing process management in Audit Organization of Iran and survey its relationships with personality characteristics of managers (extraversion and introversion). All the senior managers and audit managers in Audit Organization of Iran were and according to morgan table, 57 person chosen for this reason. The data were collected in three questionnaires: Eyzenk standard questionnaire for evaluation of managers’ personality, researcher-made questionnaire which relates to functions of Attracting and Staffing Process management and individual characteristic questionnaire. Its validity was proved by asking from some experts and specialists. The reliability coefficient with alpha cronbach was (r=0/92). We used Kolmograph test to determine natural distribution of samples and used Chi-square Test and Kendall Rank Correlation Coefficient Uman White Nay to test the theories. The result of research showed that there is a significant difference between current and favorite situation even if every three functions of Attracting and Staffing Process management are considered in Audit Organization. Even by considering these three functions, it is not observed a significant relation between extraverted and introverted managers. The result also didn’t show significant relation between personality type and functions of Attracting and Staffing Process management. Generally referring to the finding of research, emotional and social skills are both required in successful management. Key Words: Attracting and Staffing Process Management, HR Planning, Recruitment, HR Selection, Audit Organization.
10The Effect of Public Expenditure on the Growth and Development of Nigerian Economy (1980-2012)
Pages: 823-833
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The study investigated the effect of public expenditure on the growth and development of Nigerian economy (1980-2012). Three research hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The hypotheses thus investigated the influence of aggregate expenditure, capital expenditure and recurrent expenditure on economic growth and envelopment in Nigeria. Ex-post facto research design was adopted for this study. Data were obtained from annual publications of Central Bank of Nigeria. Data gathered were analyzed using Ordinary least square multiple regression statistical technique. Result of the findings revealed that aggregate expenditure had a positive impact on economic growth and development of the Nigerian economy, recurrent expenditure had a significant relationship on the growth and development of the Nigerian economy. The result also indicated that capital expenditure also had a significant effect on the growth and development of the Nigerian economy. The study recommended that the government should increase its spending on components of public expenditure which will in turn promote investment in the country. Key Words: Public Expenditure, Recurrent Expenditure, Capital Expenditure, Economic Growth and Development.